You deserve solutions that work as hard as you do.

What makes you relentless? You never give up. Your sheer determination is what turns an empty field into row after perfect row of crops. That’s why Valent is proud to be your partner, putting the power of the longest lasting, broadest spectrum preemergence weed control products in your hands.

As you begin to plan for the next growing season, it’s important to pick the right preemergence herbicide. One that will be most effective in your area, fighting the toughest weeds that threaten your yield. One that works with your existing glyphosate program. And most importantly, one that works as tirelessly as you do to protect your crop. That’s why we’ve created a product guide for your reference below.

At Valent, we know what it takes to be a farmer. And what it means to be relentless.

Start and finish each acre with Valent